Welcome To My World

IMG_1627Venice copyИзображение 274IMG_7302IMG_1634IMG_1541

These pictures are from Kiev, Venice, Baku, Gstaad, Moscow and Tbilisi. I love countries and their cities. As a former Soviet who was never supposed to leave the great communist Motherland with its 11 time zones, traveling is essential to my life. I love flying, even with all the security issues after 9-11-2001 I still do. Any annoyance you encounter at a home airport (JFK is my home away from home), is nothing comparing to the treasures you will find on the other side.

  1. Wonderful comment about chess!!

  2. Tommaso says:

    Congratulation for your interview on RT and how you answered to such young governmental “journalist”.

  3. I liked what you said on RT about NATO, that it would have collapsed if Russia had said: “Take us in!” Isn’t Russia traditionally in favor of a global, UN-oriented system of collective security instead of regional organizations?

  4. setjmp says:

    Nice job interrupting your interrupter the other day :)

  5. KomaGawa says:

    So, Prof.Khrushcheva. Do you have any feeling about the correction to history made by President Putin, to return the Crimea to Russia. I noticed on Mother Russia, that roughly 50% Ukraine is a composite of land gifts from past Russian benefactors. If reference to history is a guide for future actions, that logic doesn’t stop with Crimea.

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