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Imagining Nabokov

I am in love with Vladimir Nabokov, Russian turned American author of LolitaPale Fire and Speak, Memory. I love him so much I went to Montreux, a resort town in Switzerland, to talk to his statue, to pay homage to this great traveller, a traveller so profound that much of his life he lived in a hotel.

The statue of Vladimir Nabokov in Montreux, Switzerland
All photographs on this page are curtesy of Edward Baumeister

I was so inspired by our conversation that when I came back to New York I wrote two books about Nabokov and peculiarities of Russian versus American culture. Well, one could say, it is just one book, but in Nabokovian fashion I wrote it twice, just like Nabokov would — first in English, Imagining Nabokov, and then in Russian as Visiting Nabokov. So they are two different books meant for two different audiences.

Hrusheva41bhbyeR3sLNina Khrushcheva with Nabokov statue

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