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Welcome To My World

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These pictures are from Venice, Tbilisi, Alma-Aty, Lisbon and Madrid. I love these, and other global cities. Freely going places should be essential to every person’s life.

17 thoughts on “Welcome To My World

  1. Congratulation for your interview on RT and how you answered to such young governmental “journalist”.

  2. I liked what you said on RT about NATO, that it would have collapsed if Russia had said: “Take us in!” Isn’t Russia traditionally in favor of a global, UN-oriented system of collective security instead of regional organizations?

  3. So, Prof.Khrushcheva. Do you have any feeling about the correction to history made by President Putin, to return the Crimea to Russia. I noticed on Mother Russia, that roughly 50% Ukraine is a composite of land gifts from past Russian benefactors. If reference to history is a guide for future actions, that logic doesn’t stop with Crimea.

  4. I’ve been reading some of what you write about the big K, Putin, and Ukraine, and you are really, really good!! Thanks for coming to this country and contributing as you do.

  5. Nina, great interview today, all talking heads, generals and politics are constantly talking nonesense about Putin and Russian politics.

  6. Dear Nina,
    As a Brit who has lived in New York City for more than half her life words cannot express how appreciative I am to call the U.S. of A my home and what a pleasure it is to call you FRIEND – Christine

  7. Dear Prof. Nina:

    I really am impressed by your great vision in choosing, as I did, America for your future! I am also impressed by your incredible achievements in America! I have also enormous respect for Dr. Sergey Khrushchev.
    A Romanian defector General, now U.S. Citizen, describes the current Kremlin’s government as a “dictatorship spy state” in his book “Disinformation”. And Stalin’s grandson describes Putin as a leader who “lacks brains” and that he heads a government of “thieves and tricksters” [see the relevant link here: ].
    I am so impressed by your article “The graveyard of Russian emperors”. You are very correct in your expertise, as a member of our CFR.
    I want to thank you very much for your tireless work in your high level capacity as an American citizen mber of CFR. In 40 years living here, I did not read better articulated commentaries such as yours and of course, Dr. Sergey in his books! Truly, the Khrushchev family is at the top of our U.S. society, striving for peace, fairness, liberty, and civil and constitutional freedoms that in Russia are still suppressed and trivialized. May God bless you, dear Nina! You are an extraordinary member of Khrushchev family, and I’m so proud to cite you and Dr. Khrushchev whenever I have a chance write my comments at our news outlets websites.
    I send my very best regards.

  8. I hope you don’t mind a trivial comment:
    That is a GREAT picture of you at the 2014 National Book Festival in the Wikipedia bio. Downright cute.

  9. Professor Krushcheva, thanks for your efforts to enlighten U.S. citizens about the pitiful ignorance and greed of “the Donald” and his gaggle of collaborators being reeled in by Putin. My blog: may have some items of interest to you and your followers along the same lines.

  10. Professor Kruscheva, I admire you tremendously, and I would hope that you have a plan or friends who can enact your plan about how to expose the truth then, of course, punish the criminals who run our government? Surely you don’t want to live in another cold war autocracy in which freedom of all kinds of expression doesn’t exist.

    Betsy Jacobson, Sandy Hook, CT

  11. с интересом смотрели ваши интервью дождю.очень любопытное мнение ,жаль нечасто у вас берут другие русскоязычные сми

  12. Congratulations on your analysis at The New Yorker. I am in syncs with your saying. I gave similar psychosynthesis/analysis on the three leaders Putin, Biden, Zelensky, using a kind of innovative method but the results are the same. Put in demands respect indeed. Russia demands respect. But the West EE and USA don’t pay attention. And now they do. I consider myself culturally lucky because I was born in NY from Greek immigrants. My father is Greek and my mother born in Sockhumi from Greek Pontiac immigrants from Pontos. I grew up listening to my relatives talking Russian and Greek Pontiac. The culture is exquisite! I would love to interview you!

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